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Apps Shopify Instagram – Apps that you must use to improve your marketing in Australia

When a social media platform has over 800 million users worldwide, it really makes sense why more and more people are so interested in using it for marketing, and that is exactly the case with Instagram. There is no better way for you to get engagement and reach out to audiences that would have otherwise never heard of your business, while increasing your sales and not really spending a lot of money to do so. Since more and more brands that have online stores are using this platform, it is also no surprise that people behind the scenes have been working on different tools that will help you. Shopify and Instagram can make a really great team with the right tools, and thanks to the Shopify app store that has over 1000 options, you can get just that. Today we are going to be walking you through a few apps Shopify Instagram which will help you deal with this marketing strategy for your business in Australia, so make sure to keep reading.

Social Media Stream

One of the biggest problems that people have when it comes to integration of their website with a social media platform is that they don’t really know how the two can actually work together in terms of displaying their products. As the name suggests, this app will help you stream the content from your professional Instagram page. What is great about this app is that it doesn’t just stop at Instagram, but you can also use it to streamline content on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. The way that this app works is by focusing on the hashtags that are being used and user engagement, and with that it helps you gain even more followers, and every single new follower is a potential new customer. A great thing about this app is that you will be able to get it for free, so it is definitely worth your time.


If you want to present your content in the best way possible and make it as appealing and easy for your customers as possible, then this Shopify app for Instagram, Showcase, is a great one for you to try. The main goal of Showcase is to help you create shoppable Instagram galleries, which can really change the way that you sell. The fact is that nowadays over 70% of customers are more likely to shop on their mobile device, and when you have this information you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can in order to learn more about your brand while scrolling through images that are actually available to purchase, and Showcase will help you with that.

The app has a feature called “shop now” and that will allow you to actually drive more customers to your Shopify website, directly from your Instagram page. Another thing that you will be able to do with this app is tag your products that have been used in certain images. Just find an image, post it and tag all of the products with shoppable tags. This is something that also has the power to increase your sales, so it’s worth a try. Showcase is available to you for free for 14 days in order for you to try it out, and if you end up liking it, then this Shopify app will cost you $29 a month.


This is another app that will be great if you are interested in creating shoppable posts, and in fact it is one of the best ones for it. This app will help you create really great shoppable posts, but apart from that it will also help you measure user insights, and moreover it will actually help you turn every single image that you post into a really subtle sales pitch. This isn’t very easy to so in a subtle and seamless way, and people don’t usually like when you throw things at them in an obvious way, so it’s great that the app is able to help you with that. Even though this is a Shopify app, it can actually be used with multiple kinds of websites and one of its biggest features is that it will give you all of the tools you need into order to boost your conversion rates. Once you have your shoppable posts, and people are actually using them, you can use this information to track user insights throughout the entire shopping process and this will give you the necessary insight that will help you customize your store based on analysis that has been done in real time. This is yet another really great app that you can get for free, so it is absolutely worth it that you check it out.


If you wanted to find a way that would help you convert user generated content into actual shoppable posts, then this is the app for you.  This is an app that can be embedded into Instagram galleries and that is an excellent way for you to promote your online store via emails, regular newsletter, collection pages, cart pages and more. Of course, the winning and most important feature of this app is the conversion feature, however something else that the app will let you do is give your customers the ability to add products to the cart directly from the Instagram picture that they are looking at, which is a sure way of getting a sale.

When it comes to the price, this app will definitely cost you a bit more, with a price tag ranging from $50 to $300, depending on the plan that you choose, however there is a 21 day long free trial and you should definitely take advantage of it. Since the Shopify app store has so many different apps it is pretty understandable that people are looking for help when it comes to fishing out the best ones. It is very difficult to narrow down over 1500 apps to just 4, but in this article we wanted to talk about the Instagram apps from Shopify that you could really find a use for. Make sure to check all of them out and see whether they will be a good match for your business in Australia and thank you for sticking with this article until the end.