Ecommerce Platforms Comparison In Singapore: Shopify vs Volusion

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Ecommerce Platforms Comparison In Singapore: Shopify vs Volusion

Use this ecommerce platforms comparison and decide whether Shopify or Volusion is the right ecommerce solution for you!


When choosing an ecommerce platform in Singapore, here is what you need to know about the platform: What are the prices? How much it costs to take a full package? What are the fees? What kind of features are included? Are there any marketing tools? Is it easy to use? How well it performs? Is the platform capable of integration?

In this article, we will compare Shopify and Volusion and hopefully, we will help you decide which one is the right ecommerce platform for you:

Launched in 2006, Shopify is one of the most popular platforms. It is an easy-to-use solution that requires no extra knowledge or skills to build an online store and start selling. If you analyze the platform you will immediately see why it is so popular. You only need to click on a few buttons to start your own store. The biggest advantage of Shopify is the flexibility in customizing the templates. You can design your marketplace in any way based on a wide variety of settings and templates. Ecommerce solution Shopify offers full CMS with a full spectrum of tools to manage the ins and outs. Shopify is Level 1 PCI compliant, accepts the majority of credit cards, there is unlimited hosting for the stores, marketing and SEO optimizing tools, in-depth analytics, a discount and coupon engine, and much more. The biggest downside is the money. The fees are pretty high, however, it is totally worth it considering the features available.

Volusion is one of the biggest rivals of Shopify. It offers so many features, the customization options are incredible, and there are so many plugins to satisfy every possible need of presenting the item you sell. It is an extremely user-friendly ecommerce solution. While other ecommerce platforms provide information and platforms on how to do something, Volusion goes deep and offers everything you need to know to run a successful and prosperous ecommerce marketplace. The downside is the price which can be expensive for new companies. This is not a platform you start your store with, however, it is definitely a platform your store can grow and develop into over time.

The ecommerce platform you choose definite the future of the marketplace! Finding the right one is a real challenge, however, with the help of this ecommerce platforms comparison, you will understand what kind of ecommerce platform is a better fit for you.

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